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AllStrokes Golf Club is an exclusive, members-only private golf club focused on helping and supporting golfers while fostering a vibrant community. Our mission is to make sure our members have everything they need to improve their skills and develop a deeper love for the sport. Join our membership program and unlock a world of golfing opportunities. Schedule your free membership consultation today!

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Our Indoor Golf Club Membership Benefits

AllStrokes Golf Club proudly serves Boise and surrounding communities. As a registered member of our private golf club, you will enjoy:

  • 24/7 access, 365 days a year to our facility.

  • Unlimited Bookings for you and your guests.

  • Access to three immersive Trackman golf simulators, connections to private golf lessons, indoor golf leagues, club fittings, and more.

  • Locker rooms to store your belongings for $20 per month.

  • The chance to explore over 200+ courses from around the world through our advanced virtual golf simulators.

  • A non-intimidating and comfortable environment where you can bring guests to enjoy the atmosphere.

Individual memberships

Month to Month

$155 / Month (3 Month Minimum)

  • Unlimited Bookings 24/7 via our App
  • 24/7 Access to our facility
  • WellPutt putting feature to work on the short game!

Annual Membership

$1550 per your ($129 / month)

  • Save 20% on Annual Membership!
  • Billed Annually

Corporate Membership

4 designates

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Monthly payments

$650 / month


Why Become An AllStrokes Golf Club Member

Partake in an unparalleled experience with our private golf club. Our facility’s indoor setting allows for year-round golfing, free from the limitations of weather or seasonal changes. You can enjoy the privacy and exclusivity reminiscent of a country club and become part of a welcoming and engaging social club.

AllStrokes Golf Club even organizes special event nights exclusively for our members and their families, creating memorable experiences beyond golf. Connect with a passionate community of golfing enthusiasts, who share your love for the game and are committed to support and encourage one another.


1. Schedule Your Free Info Session

2. Become a Member

3. Get 24/7 Access to State of the Art of Facility and Trackman Simulators

4. Enjoy Unlimited bookings for you and your Guests

5. Exclusive access to events, lessons, and leagues


Additional Perks

  • Superior Golfing Simulator & Equipment: Our private golf club offers Trackman simulator system bays, a putting facility on an oscillating table, and access to over 200+ courses via the simulators.

  • Golf Putting Lessons: Our team of instructors are available to help you improve your golfing skills; you can benefit from personalized lessons and club fittings.

  • Engaging Member Events: AllStrokes Golf Club hosts exciting event nights for members and their families, fostering a sense of community and providing opportunities to connect with fellow golfing enthusiasts.

Comfort and Privacy: Our indoor facility provides a non-embarrassing and comfortable environment for all members.

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Access To Events

To book an event you have to be a member ($250 minimum -1 month) . Minimum 2 hours and all three bays. $50 / bay - 2 hours. One event - $550 (2 hours)

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What Our Private Golf Memberships Include

AllStrokes Golf Club offers a flexible membership system that provides you with access to our superior golfing facilities and a range of exciting opportunities. With a monthly or annual membership fee, you can enjoy unrestricted access to our indoor golf simulators 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It's time to immerse yourself in the world of golf without the constraints of weather, time, or location!

Although some of our Trackman golf simulator bays are available for event and party bookings by the general public, everything from AllStrokes Golf Club is available to members only.

Become a part of a thriving golfing community with AllStrokes Golf Club!

Schedule your free 30-minute membership consultation today and embark on an extraordinary golfing journey. Learn more about the indoor golf simulators at our facility and discover how you can become a member!

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